Thomas Chuang

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Leading the firm’s practice over the past 15 years, Thomas has successfully obtained hundreds of patents for clients. He has a degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering. As an inventor himself on nine U.S. patents to date, he deploys a full arsenal of tactics and strategies in pursuing valuable patent protection.

Thomas provides complete patent services on behalf of clients, including patent prosecution, appeals before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board and the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, reexamination proceedings before the USPTO, client counseling, and patent litigation.

Leveraging his training as an electrical and computer engineer, Thomas’ work focuses on complex technical fields. He works with emerging and high-technology companies in various electrical and computer sciences, including telecommunications, computer hardware architecture and software, wireless networking, robotics, signal processing, medical devices. He has hands-on experience fabricating semiconductor devices in a wafer processing laboratory.

Thomas writes and presents on various aspects of current patent law, including subject matter eligibility, claim construction, obviousness, and patent reexaminations. Previously, Thomas was employed with a large international law firm based in the San Francisco bay area.

  • Obtained hundreds of issued patents for clients.
  • Obtained allowance of patent application four months after filing date (2017).
  • Plantronics, Inc. v. Aliph Inc.,Reexamination Request No. 90/010,731: Successfully represented plaintiff client Plantronics, Inc., in patent reexamination proceedings requested by the defendant during litigation. Reexamination Certificate issued confirming all original claims without amendment and adding forty new claims.
  • Successfully represented large electronics company in defense of a patent infringement suit. Plaintiff voluntary dismissed complaint.
  • Represented defendants in settlement negotiations with patent holders.
  • On behalf of various clients, analyzed asserted patents, patent file histories, and accused technology to determine patent infringement. Developed non-infringement arguments and advised clients on design around options.
  • Prepared and negotiated technology transaction agreements, including patent license agreements, technology development agreements, distribution agreements, joint venture agreements, and software license agreements for various clients.
  • Performed patent due diligence for various mergers and acquisitions.
  • Successful representation of political asylum applicant in oral argument before U.S. immigration court. Client referred from Lawyer’s Committee for Civil Rights granted political asylum.
  • Prosecuted white collar criminals.
  • Pursued cases involving race and sex based employment discrimination, housing discrimination, and reasonable accommodations for persons with disabilities.


United States Patent 9,669,259
Issued: June 6, 2017
United States Patent 9,619,698
Issued: April 11, 2017
United States Patent 9,533,182
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United States Patent 9,227,108
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United States Patent 8,784,274
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United States Patent 8,784,115
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United States Patent 8,573,982
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United States Patent 8,460,001
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United States Patent 7,590,546
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